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CRFI 2018

(Corrosion Forum Israel – NACE Israel)

DRIZORO SAU, as a company specialized in the repair and protection of concrete structures, has participated in the CRFI 2018 (Corrosion Forum Israel - NACE Israel) during the 13th Annual Conference of the Israel Corrosion Working Group in Kafar HanMaccbiah (Ramat Gan). The paper, framed within the working group "Corrosion in Infrastructures", proposes a methodology for repair and protection of bridges as well as other concrete structures subjected to aggressive environments (marine), meeting the criteria given by the EN 1504- 9 European Standard.

Thus, after exposing the principles and methods involved in this type of jobs, the proposed methodology is based on:

a) treatment of reinforcement bars with the MAXREST PASSIVE one-component, water-based oxide converter/anti-corrosive and protective formula,
b) repair of concrete with the MAXRITE 700 high-performance, polymer modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based structural repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors,
c) preventive treatment against reinforcement corrosion by applying the MAXRITE INHIBIDOR liquid corrosion-inhibiting formula with migration performance, and finally,
d) application of the MAXSEAL FLEX two component, flexible, cement based waterproofing and protective for concrete structures against water and harmful chemical ingress.

Batimatec Argel

Palais des Expositions Pins Maritimes22. - 26. abril 2018 | Internactional Construction Fair

DRIZORO, S.A.U. together with its Distributor in Algeria, TECHNOLOBAT SARL, will participate in the next edition Building & Construction Materials International Exhibition in Algiers, BATIMATEC EXPO, from 22th to 26th April 2018, which will be held at Palais des Expositions Pins Maritimes. BATIMATEC EXPO is the biggest Building & Construction Materials Exhibition in Algeria as well as in all North Afrika. We kindly invite you to come to our stand AS55 at Ahaggar Hall, A Pabellon, where our technicians will solve any technical consultation and inform you about latest innovations in waterproofing, concrete repair and flooring systems.

DRIZORO provides the latest technology with the new range of products for Warehouse & Distribution.


MAXSEAL® Cement-based, waterproof coating for concrete structures and masonry subjected to positive, negative hydrostatic pressure conditions or both. Suitable for drinking water. Pigmented version: MAXSEAL® DECOR.

MAXSEAL® FLEX Flexible, cement-based, waterproof and protective coating for concrete structures and masonry subjected to positive, negative hydrostatic pressure conditions or both. Suitable for drinking water. Pigmented version: MAXSEAL® FLEX DECOR.

MAXPLUG® Quick-setting hydraulic mortar for stopping of active water leaks under hydrostatic pressure.

MAXREST® Non-shrink, thixotropic, fast-setting, structural repair mortar.

MAXMOTER® HEAT Refractory mortar based on special cements and aggregates suitable for temperatures up to 1.600 º C for refractory bricklaying and performance of coatings subjected to high temperatures and / or in contact with fire.

MAXKOLA ® Thin layer, one component, cement-based adhesive mortar for normal porous tiles on traditional masonry, concrete blocks and renders in interior applications. Avaliable in withe and grey colours.

MAXJOINT ® Waterproof, non-shrink, pigmented cement-based pointing mortar for joints of brick and stone masonry. Available in 10 different colours. Available a suitable version with highly resistance to the grouth of algae and fungi for swimming pools: MAXJOINT ® POOL.

MAXELASTIC ® One-component, water-based acrylic, elastic and waterproof coating for roofs, balconies and terraces. Available in 6 different colours.

MAXJOINT ® ELASTIC Elastic, two component cement-based, repair and sealing mortar for joints and cracks in concrete and masonry. Suitable for drinking water. Available in 9 different colours.